Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Get Ready for Newsvine

Newsvine is about to go public in "a week or two" (according to the Newsvine blog). I'm currently a beta user and am very pleased with what it provides and looking forward to what else they can offer in coming updates.

So what is Newsvine? As described in the site : " A place where anyone can read, write and influence the news." Sounds like Digg? Not really. While Digg (as of the moment) caters to tech news, Newsvine broadens the horizon by having other categories of interest like : Sports, Politics, Tech (of course), Entertainment, Science, Business, Health, and Odd News.

But reading is very different from participating, and Newsvine clearly gives that ability to its users by giving them the chance to move an item "up the vine". You can "seed" (or submit) an article or link that you think is news-worthy. Blogging is also encouraged, as every member is given a "column" page which would appear as : username.newsvine.com .

Tagging functions are helpful in moving around the site and finding the right articles that satisfies your curiousity and interest. There are two sources of articles : one is from news feeds (the Wire) and the other is from those submitted by members (the Vine).

This is actually a great combination as you're actually getting the most from established news sites and from not-so-mainstream sources. The users also participate in "creating" the Top News, and actually contribute in building a balance between news, opinions, editorials, etc.

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