Sunday, April 26, 2009

Conficker Removal Toolbox

I recently needed to remove Conficker on some Windows XP machines, and downloaded some of the removal tools available from Anti-Virus companies and Microsoft. I also used a Portable copy of ClamWin, which was useful as Conficker would not allow the installed AV to run updates. I've zipped and uploaded the following tools to Mediafire, to serve as an emergency copy and for others to use if they are not able to download from the different AV vendor sites ( a Conficker infected machine will have difficulty downloading from AV sites ).

You can use the Conficker Eye Chart to check if you are infected by Conficker.

If you want to try and download removal tools directly from their sources ( or if you are in a different machine that is not infected ), you can use this list provided by the Conficker Working Group. You can also check their Home page as well as their FAQ to read more about Conficker.

If you want to download the removal tools that I've collected as the Conficker Removal Toolbox, you can follow this link. The list of things that you'll find in the zip file are:

  1. Symantec Downadup Removal Tool
  2. BDTools from BitDefender
  3. Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
  4. ClamWin Portable ( extracted and updated on April 26, 2009 )


  1. Conficker in Wikipedia
  2. Conficker Working Group
  3. Conficker Eye Chart
  4. List of Removal Tools
  5. Download link for zipped collection of removal tools with ClamWin AV
  6. Download link for zipped collection of removal tools without ClamWin AV