Thursday, March 15, 2012

Create a Bootable DOS Flash Disk

The process is simple, and the end result is a very basic bootable flash disk.

  1. Download Bootable USB Drive Creator Tool from Softpedia, this contains both the formatter and DOS files ( MS-Dos and FreeDos ).
  2. The file download will be in RAR, so extract using an archive utility software like 7-zip.
  3. Once extracted, run the exe file as an administrator ( Right-click > Run as administrator )
  4. On the application, select your usb drive under Device
  5. Check Create Bootable Drive
  6. Browse for the included MS-DOS and FreeDOS folder
  7. Before clicking on Start, make sure that you do not have important files that you want to save on your USB drive, as the process of formatting will delete all the contents of the drive. Click Start to proceed.

After the process, you should have a bootable USB drive with either MS-DOS or FreeDOS.

Alternately, you use another disk formatter and Win98 files, and the process should be the same as above.