Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stories and Reactions to the Windows Vista Delay

Microsoft's announcement of another delay in the release of Windows Vista definitely made it to the tech headlines, as many anticipated the appearance of a Windows XP replacement before the end of the year. The move makes Windows Vista available to businesses November of this year and to the general public come January 2007. Here are some of the news items centering on the Windows Vista delay:

  1. What's Really Behind the Windows Vista Delay? (from Microsoft Watch)
  2. Windows Vista delay: Good news for Apple? (from Computerworld)
  3. Understanding Windows Vista's Delay (Yes, Another) (from Microsoft Monitor Blog)
  4. Microsoft tumbles, but setback seen as temporary (from CNN Money)
  5. Windows Vista delayed on quality, security concerns (from Security Focus)
  6. 60% Of Windows Vista Code To Be Rewritten (from Smart House)
  7. Microsoft: No Vista Code Changes (from Beta News)
  8. Microsoft Shares Drop on Windows Delay (from Yahoo! News)
  9. Vista Slip to Boost Linux Says Red Hat (from Computer Wire)

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