Sunday, April 02, 2006

Adding your most used folders to the Send To menu

Folders are the standards by which we categorize or group our files (I mean offline), and in my case, I have so many folders hidden inside main folders, hidden inside different partitions. Both for work or for personal use, using the Send To menu (of course accessible through the right-click of the mouse) is very useful because you can directly point files towards commonly used folders instead of going through the Windows Explorer and using the copy/cut-paste method to organize files. Here's a quick walkthrough to get your Send To menu as first option to transfer files:

  1. Look for the folder you want to include in the Send To menu. Right click on the folder and click on Send To and then Desktop(create shortcut). Now you have a shortcut on the desktop.
  2. Open My Computer and access the drive where you have your Windows installed. (most probably C:)
  3. Open the Documents and Settings folder and open the folder corresponding to your username.
  4. Open the Send To folder, where you can find the items that you see when you try to use the Send To menu. If you can't find this folder, then you need to go into Tools > Folder Options > View > Hidden Files and Folders > select Show hidden files and folders.
  5. Now, cut the shortcut that you've made on the desktop, and paste it inside the Send To folder.
  6. Do the same with whatever folder you want to include to the Send To menu.