Monday, May 30, 2011

Creating a database in iWeb's PanelBox

iWeb is a Canadian web hosting company that offers shared hosting, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers and colocation.

What is PanelBox?

PanelBox is custom cPanel interface used by iWeb for its hosting accounts.

Creating a database

  1. To create a database in PanelBox, first login to your account. The default url would be /cpanel.

  2. Under General Options, click on Database.

  3. Select whatever Database you want to setup > either MySQL or PostgreSQL. For this guide, we'll be using MySQL.

  4. Name your database and click on "Create Database".

    New Database

  5. Now you need to create a user for the database you just created. Hover again over MySQL, and select "Add new user".

  6. Name the user, and give a strong password. Click "Create User" to proceed creating a new database user.

    New User

  7. Next step is to add the user you created to the database, hover over MySQL and select "Add User To Database".

  8. On the Add User To Database page, select the user and database you created and hit "Submit".

  9. Manage User Privileges page should appear next, check "All Privileges" and then click on "Make Changes".

Now that you have setup the database, you should be able see it under MySQL > Current Databases.

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